Recreate that authentic BBQ taste


26th May 2020

Recreate that authentic BBQ taste from your kitchen

As spring moves into summer, the days are longer and warmer, the outdoors is bursting with colour and birdsong, and we know you are itching to fire up the barbecue. Many of us are without an outside space, or without a barbecue in lockdown.

Did you know that there is nothing stopping you bringing that authentic barbecue taste of summer to your dining table?

We may not be able to welcome you to one of our famous Aldwyn’s barbecues on the terrace, but our kitchen team have compiled some of the best hacks for you to recreate that signature smoky barbecue flavour from your very own kitchen at home. (Extra points can be gained with a chequered tablecloth and some jugs of iced tea to really capture that summertime vibe).

Lapsand Souchong Tea:

This Chinese tea has a very smoky flavour so, when ground into a fine powder, it can be used like any other spice to season your meat and vegetables ahead of cooking.

Smoked Salt:

Unless you have the time to smoke salt from scratch (which we will assume you don’t), there are several smoked salts available in most supermarkets that will achieve the same desired result, not to mention becoming a surprise fun addition to your pantry. Smoked salt can complement and intensify the taste of fish, steak, chicken, ribs and even vegetables. It can be used on its own or added to a homemade barbecue sauce for an extra layer of smokiness.

Smoked Gouda:

If opting for burgers or hot dogs, over cuts of meat and salad (or maybe you’re having it all), adding some smoked Gouda cheese can be a nice and easy addition to achieve that charcoal smoked element to your meals. It also goes amazingly well with beer!


Don’t forget your slow cooker!

With less in our social calendars at the moment, why not utilise your time to plan ahead and give your barbecue meal an extra punch with some slow-cooked meat that easily pulls off the bone? Meat (and/or vegetables) can be prepped and marinated overnight in the fridge ready for a long slow cook the following day.

There are some great recipes online so it’s well worth having a look for something you can easily recreate that the whole family will enjoy.

Chef Marius will be sharing some of his/her own favourites over the coming weeks too.

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